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June 04, 2009


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It seems to be delicious.

Nice recipe. I use something similar in my restaurant.

Yum, home made ice cream!!

I live in Kyoto, Japan now and I investigated having a Cuisinart ice cream maker sent over here, but there is some pressurized part in it that isn't specced to go on airplanes. So, I am still without one.

This really looks wonderful! Good eggs are so import to yummy anything. Japan must have the best eggs in the world. The yolks are beyond orange, they are reddish. Of course they can be eaten raw, even the chicken meat and internal organs can be eaten raw here.

I hope that I can find eggs that excellent when I get back to the US. I will check out Grazin' Angus Acres. Thanks for the tip!

Enjoy your ice cream!


PS, You can see my foodie blog at www.kyotofoodie.com. Do you like Japanese food? Japanese make some excellent ice cream with Japanese teas and ingredients used for Japanese confections. Oh, we have a few ice cream articles. One is a kind of cookies and cream, Japanese style.

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