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Mmm. I love rugelach. Definitely want to make these.


i heart rugelach! we made them exactly shaped this way and i love the little crescents! so pretty!!


How come when you do it the little dough wedges separate beautifully and roll up into picturesque little rugelachs and when I do it they stick and squash generally go rogue so I end up with little blobs? Posting photos is all well and good, but is there a way you can make your actual skill available to your readers!


Tamar you're comment is by far the funniest I've read. You can always fly me to Cape Cod, or just wait until I come next August.


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Homemade rugelach is easy and fun to make with the kids—it just requires a little planning. First step is to make the dough, and since it needs time to chill,


That looks so good. I would like to have one or two of those right now. Your photography is good too, since I am getting a fairly detailed picture of what it really looks like.

Thanks for warning me that the dough needs chilling time. Otherwise I'd probably want them ready faster than they would be. It's not surprising though, since that type of pastry usually handles better when it's chilled for a while.

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