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Lori @ RecipeGirl

Sounds wonderful- of course I'm baking up a storm, so of course I will be participating :)


Love this event!


Love your family idea! And- can't wait to submit some cookie and donate to a great cause!


Sounds great! I will definitely participate, cant wait! :-)



What a great campaign. My grandmother was a marathon cookie baker and everyone looked forward to tins full of her cookies each holiday. I'm only an okay baker, so I don't typically create my own cookie recipes but I'm looking forward sharing those I make along with pictures and tips. This will also help me get off of my butt and get my cookie baking started. Thanks for making this possible.


Oh awesome! I AM baking cookies for gifts and will definitely participate in this! What a great idea and a great cause!

Yvonne Condes

What an amazing idea (for the cookies and adopting a class)! I'm trying to come up with a recipe for gluten-free, nut-free mexican wedding cookies for multicultural day at my son's school. I'll definitely post the recipe and donate. Thank you!


I added the badge and link to my site! So excited. What a great cause.


Cookies? I love to bake cookies! I'll post one - or several. Remind me - where do I send the link?

Lynn @Mama_Says

What a great idea and a terrific cause. Can't wait to participate.


is it too late to submit a recipe?

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