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Timelines are so key for Thanksgiving. I love fresh cranberry sauce, it just brightens up a (sometimes heavy) plate.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

It must be so nice living in NYC for Thanksgiving... I wish I could go to all of the markets/shops like you can. I plan on hitting up a farmers market on Tuesday, though (if I don't have to work).

I'm sure your Thanksgiving dinner will be wonderful... I haven't really done much planning yet, so I appreciated seeing your checklist! Loving the cranberry salsa, too!


I live in Arizona, so I love salsa as long as it has lime juice and cilantro. This sounds really good. (I might add a little orange zest, do you think that would be okay?)

Maria, if there is any way that you can get to Jennie's for Thanksgiving, please try. My mother is gone now and I really miss her at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plus, you know you want to see your granddaughters!


Can't wait to try the cranberry salsa...think my hus will LOVE it! Thank you.

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