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Sweet potatoes are my favorite. I am going to try this one for sure!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Looks delicious... I love the combination of sweet potatoes and leeks. I agree that this would be a perfect Thanksgiving dish!


ooh I had sweet potatoes for dinner tonight too (mine were just roasted).

That looks like a great combo of flavors: I really do prefer sweet potatoes in a savory way.


This looks great. I've been looking for interesting things to do with sweet potato. Thanks Jennifer.


this is just awesome. i am hiring myself to be your taste taster. my fee is teeny. i only like to eat food! :)


The word souffle intimidates me a little—but this sounds so delicious.


Oooh - this looks perfect for Hallowe'en night!


how did you make your own ricotta?

And I agree, this is a great sounding dish. Wish I had found it last night - I had uncovered some sweet potatoes and had a bunch of leeks! Ah well. Next time. :-)

Jennifer Perillo

Radish - I'm game anytime you're up for taste-testing (and vice versa).

Maggie - don't be intimidated—this isn't one of those fancy sky-high, delicate souffles. But is so delicious and and lighter than you'd think considering it has sweet potatoes and ricotta.

Gudrun - homemade ricotta is very easy—here's my post with pics on making it at home http://mamachronicles.typepad.com/in_jennies_kitchen/2009/09/creamy-homemade-ricotta.html.


Wow, this sounds amazing. Now sure how it would turn out using the Energ-G egg replacer instead of eggs though. Any thoughts, Jennifer?

De in D.C.

We celebrated our family Thanksgiving this past weekend and made this as one of the side dishes. It was fabulous! The sweet potato wasn't heavy or overwhelming, and the hint of green flavor from the leeks came through at the end. Definitely a winner.

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