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Lori @ RecipeGirl

How terrific! I went apple picking a few weeks back too. We did pick a few (trees were already pretty bar), but bought some too. Ours didn't have a cute little store to shop at. Admittedly, many of my apples are still sitting in the fridge. I don't have a mandoline yet, so I might do applesauce.


Great snacks! I love apple season!


That's one fancy mandoline! :)
I should try making potato chips (maybe even sweet potato chips!)

The Cooking Ninja

oooh ... nice. Will have to try that at home. :) I love chips.


mmmm. I just got a silpat...guess I need a mandoline!


Any reason why parchment won't work/must be silpat? I'm just curious becauseI do not own a silpat and I'm broke. I'd love to give these a shot with sweet potatoes as mentioned by Olga or even beets or turnips!


yum! what great snacks! never really thought to make my own apple chips- but it's def easy enough! guess i know what i'm going to do with my extra apples!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Those chips look wonderful... I think it's time to break out the mandolin and take my mom up on her offer to pick up some apples at the orchard for me this weekend!


Great tutorial, these look delish!


Too cool. I'm definitely going to try this out!


Oh, gosh -- these look amazing... though what really ended up catching my eye was that mandoline. :) Totally need one like that!

We didn't get to the orchard this year, and I'm totally missing all the bounty. Living vicariously through bloggers like you!


I LOVE apple chips, but, every time I have made my own they are chewy versus crispy. Did yours turn out crispy? They look delish!

Jennifer Perillo

ncsuemme - I prefer silicon liners because they ensure a non-stick result with out using any oil. If you'd like to give parchment a try, just lightly oil the sheets before placing the apple slices down. Use canola for apple and any oil will do for the potato, just keep in mind that it will impart the flavor into the chip.

Danica - Yes, these chips are really crisp! For storage, I'd recommend an air-tight container in a cool, dry part of the house.

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