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Oh mama, now THAT'S Brown Butter Bourbon Banana Bread! Throwing out my recipe and going for yours. Wow... caramelized bananas has my mouth watering already.


simply amazing! I love banana bread but you took it to a whole new level :)


You had me at caramelized diced banana. Mmmmm.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Yum... Love the caramelized banana and brown butter. Plus, bourbon? Amazing... I have to make this very soon. Besides, I would never get away with *drinking* bourbon in the morning for breakfast, but banana bread is totally acceptable :)

Jennifer Perillo

Glad you're all liking it. And, yes, Jen bourbon in the middle of the day is one of the hazards of the job!


you know, i did make a bourbon, maple sugar banana bread and i think the next step to up the ante is to make brown butter version of it. I like to put cranberries in mine bc i find that on its own banana bread lacks a zing. and the cranberries accentuate the earthy sweetness of banana, like a good accessory to a classic outfit, they make the outfit (bread) sing. But bourbon is SO good in banana bread. Esp that baby hudson one which I also have, and love.


Yum this looks so delicious. Brown butter is my favorite for this time of the year.


my oh my does this ever look delicious!
I'm a sucker for a good slice of banana loaf...This one is on my list to try for sure!


I'm swooning over the bread. Brown butter AND bourbon? It's just too good to be true :)

I'm also in love with your little chicken man. LOVE.

Mark H

This recipe looks terrific. But just one question: it doesn't say when to add the brown butter. You talk about making the brown butter but it doesn't say when to add it. Does it go in with the bourbon and vanilla?

Jennifer Perillo

Mark - Thank you so much for pointing that out! I've updated the recipe directions to include that most important step.

Radish - Cranberries...I like that touch. Yeah, I understand about banana bread being a bit flat which is I decided to add some caramelized bananas to the batter too.


This not only sounds amazing - it looks amazing!!! Now I just need to find a reason to make it so I can share versus eating it ALL :)


This looks very delicious, I haven't tried making banana bread. But this is something I will try. The hubby just bought a whole bunch of bananas home.

Cathy Erenzo

This looks amazing! We just had to add it to our recipes page so that our Baby Bourbon fans can enjoy it too. You are of course credited and the link to your site is there as well. Please let us know if you come up with any other delicious concoctions with our spirits.
Cathy and the Team at Tuthilltown Spirits


OH MY GOODNESS. I made this. In fact I made two batches. I think I am going to go buy more bananas for a third. I CAN'T STOP EATING THEM.I don't know whether to thank you or curse you, haha.

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