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Now this is a tomato dish I could eat!


Wow, that's unique and exotic jam recipe, a bit like chutney and probably delicious on crusty bread, yum

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Congrats on the Food52 wins... The jam sounds wonderful!


oh man, this jam would be a great marinade for slow cooking beef. I love how different this jam is, I honestly have never heard of tomato being turned into a jam until now.


Question - in the "Add all these ingredients to a pot..." photo it looks like there's also green grapes?


congrats that is lovely news! hope it gives you a lot of exposure! your recipes and kitchen outlook are so great!


Megs - I used a variety of tomatoes. The green ones you see are husk tomatoes, also called ground cherry ones. Here's a post I wrote about them. I say buy what you like at the market, and just keep in mind that mixing the varieties each time will subtly change the flavor.


Congratulations! This jam looks amazing. See your going to BlogHer Food. Look forward to meeting you!

invierta proyectos

mmmm yummy

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