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Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Absolutely beautiful! I love both of you... You know you are coming up with great recipes when others who don't have children (me) are also interested in trying them out!

Can't wait to try this one - I am a huge fan of peanut sauce!


Jennie, You are awesome. I love you too and can't wait for San Francisco!!

Sara @ Our Best Bites

This is so my style- putting it on my menu right now!

Jen @ MaplenCornbread

This is hands down my kind of sauce! I cant wait to make it! Great photo!

chocolate shavings

That sauce sounds delicious with the beef!


Looks like a great sauce! It's so different than what I'm used to seeing with steak. Sounds fantastic.


I just made a coconut sauce but it didn't have pb- yours sounds wonderful


I have put that in my "try soon" que in my recipe software. I love the thai flavors and you can never get enough flank steak!



This one is WICKED! Mind blowing! Gorgeous photos BTW!
Trying to come up with a different name for London Broil - do you know of any?

Glad to be foodie pals! Cheers!

Gabi @ mamaliga.com


That steak looks so good! I really like savoury peanut sauces like this one.


Looks amazing. We're not eating beef these days, but I bet this sauce would be equally delicious on chicken...or even tofu (which I love, even though @selfishmom doesn't!) ;-)

Double Dipped Life

Oh, I love curry. This looks so good!

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