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I wish I had a vegetable garden but I live in apartment complex. that bread salad looks really light and refreshing, which is perfect for the heat wave we've been having

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

The panzanella sounds tasty! I haven't had too much luck with my tomatoes this summer, but I am hopeful still. I saw one or two just starting to turn orange/red yesterday.

Tina Marie

This is a beautiful photo and the recipe looks great. It's a summery thing I think I'll try. thank you for sending me your post.


I so agree, choice of words is so important, especially when you want to get your point across to those who are skeptical. I love how you re-wrote Barber's words about late blight.

I have grown my own tomatoes for many years, and I admit that I used to buy plants that had probably traveled thousands of miles. I have become a lot more conscious over the years (and I also had to get over my own rebellion towards my parents who grew everything and basically raised me thinking one meal at a fast food restaurant would kill me. Let's just say that those messages really backfired for a while...).

I think anyone who is moving from eating processed food to growing their own food deserves encouragement. There is nothing wrong with wanting to educate people, but alienating them is very wrong and certainly won't help.

Now to your beautiful bread salad. I haven't made panzanella yet this year. It's about time! Your recipe sounds wonderful.

Selfish Mom

Well said. I don't tend to listen well when I'm getting defensive. And I don't like being slapped around when I've made half an effort - the people making zero effort wouldn't even be reading his remarks.

BTW, this looks like another great recipe to try my spicy basil in.

Chef Gwen

You make some great points about how to communicate (and encourage, not discourage) people about the benefits and sheer joy of eating locally grown food.

And, panzanella is probably my all time favorite summer salad. Thanks for sharing.

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