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Kim/hormone-colored days

My chances of seeing this as a first-run movie are small, but I look forward to watching it eventually. Thanks for your $.02.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

I think I'm going to see Julie & Julia today, actually. I've been looking forward to it! I have been reading the book, too. I don't understand the Julie Powell hatred, either. While I've never met her, I have to respect her courage for taking on such a big project, especially when blogging wasn't as popular as it has become today.

Tricia Honea

I think it was a great idea and can't wait to see the movie. I've considered doing the same kind of thing, but just working through my collection of cookbooks, I have 50 or so. The lack of time is the challenge. Kids/Work/husband all want a piece of the pie and my own slice gets smaller and smaller.


Thanks for your thoughts on the movie. I definitely want to see it.

Your eggplant panini sounds great!

daddy bookins

I have not seen the movie (haven't been to a movie in three and a half yrs now) hmm need a babysitter. Anyhow, I do know of Julia Childs' story, as incredible it is....what more feasts my famined eyes is your Eggplant & Manouri Panini....OMG! I will be knocking on your door in a matter of (calculating flight and taxi time) .... 9 hrs and 16 minutes.
~daddy b


I also saw Julie & Julia last night and loved it.
Great blog!

Selfish Mom

I'm so glad you liked it. I've loved the commercials and really want to see it, and it seems like I've been disappointed by so many movies lately!

Gina von

Just saw this today too. I can relate to the self imposed deadlines, cooking and gaining weight and being pleased out the outcome. And here I am back in the kitchen cooking soup, bread and fava bean crostini!

Jennifer Perillo

Daddy B - Three years? Yes, you need to get a sitter asap. Let me know if you give the panini a go.

Gina - I love fava beans. wish you could ship some of those crostini.

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