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Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

I love the free-form tart! They look beautiful and tasty... Perfect for vacation baking! We typically end up eating out on our vacations, which is nice for a while, but I often wish I could just cook on my own. Sounds like you will have a wonderful time in Cape Cod. We were just in Brewster, MA in June, and we had a great time!

Jennifer Perillo

We've been going to North Truro for over 10 years now and every year I swear I'm not coming home. There's this wonderful bakery in Provincetown called The Portuguese Bakery. I'l be posting a recipe I created based on their whiskey-sweet potato filled pastries. It's a treat for you guys while I'm away!


This looks so delicious! I'm imagining you must be vacationing somewhere that you can bake all of this wonderful stuff...we don't usually stay where we have access to an oven and the like. I certainly would like it, hate eating out ALL the time!


Now this is my kind of crust! I love that it's a freeform shape that I don't have to make look perfect (like yours does).

Jennifer Perillo

Alta, a few days from home without a kitchen is okay, but anything longer than that I get home(cooking) sick. It's definitely a treat to be able to mix R&R with my favorite past time.

Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

This looks amazing! I love peaches and blackberries together - but I bet plums and blackberries would be awesome too!


that tart is yummy, the crust looks flaky on the inside but what a perfect crust on the outside. I'm glad you got your much needed rest on your vacation. Like you I think anything more than 4-5 days I'd get cooking sick too!

Aloja Vera

I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for this recipe. You can't beat how easy it is, plus it tastes great.
Thanks again!

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