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I don't have any complicated grilling recipes, ours are very simple. Probably my favorite is brushing salmon with olive oil, then seasoning with Go Go Gourmet. Lol, that's it! It's my favorite b/c it keeps the scent of the oils cooking out OUTSIDE and my kitchen remains aroma free :). I wouldn't eat salmon FOREVAH due to its scent, so this solved that problem.

Probably the best thing we ever did re: grilling was after receiving a gift of Omaha steaks, use their cooking chart. Steaks are cooked based on thickness and they're perfect every time! Here's the link if you're interested--I lost the paper recipe after posting it!--and feel free to edit this comment if links are a "no-no" here :).


Thanks for the chance to win! Obviously, we don't have grilling recipes so we could use this cookbook!! :)


My recipe is just a little bacon salt & a little bbq sauce & grill away.

I want to grill more but can't think of anything on my own.

Great giveaway.

Thanks for the op to win!


I am not the grill master in our house, but my Hub is. He makes a kick ass Beer Butt Chicken...now, if I could get my hands on this book - we'd have culinary crack, too! What a great review, you've got my mouth watering!
Susan @ www.doughmesstic.com


This Steve Raichlen recipe for beer can chicken is always a crowd pleaser.


Anna G.

My favourite grilling recipe is threading mushrooms and bacon on a skewer...grilling then slathering with BBQ sauce near the end!!

Renee G

My favorite grilling recipe is barbecuing chicken and covering in a sauce of 1 part orange marmalade and 1 part barbecue sauce. Makes a great sweet and sticky barbecue chicken. Yum.


Looks great!


This may sound odd, but my favorite thing to grill is brussel sprouts! Its the only thing that I can't stand unless it has been grilled.

I made them here: http://www.natalieskillercuisine.com/2009/06/brussel-sprouts-my-new-favorite.html



I mostly grill without sauce, but every once in a while, I will put a rub on some chicken, grill it, then baste with a pomegranate chipotle sauce and serve. Tasty!

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