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Oh Yum! I still have my Cuisinart ice cream maker (I think?), but I failed horribly at making homemade ice cream. I need to try this again. Now I'm inspired, and very very hungry. My gosh, I bet that was just delicious!


I *love* cooking in the kitchen with my husband. It's a sweet time when the kids aren't (usually) bugging us, and we get to chat and try new recipes.

These recipes are making me want to get the ice cream maker going again!


I really need to break out my Cuisinart again. I got one years ago but I failed miserably at making homemade ice cream. This looks so yummy! Homemade ice cream WITH homemade chocolate chip cookie dough???!! OMG. I'd be in heaven and FAT married to a man that made homemade ice cream LOL.

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

Wow looks amazing - I will have to give this a try. I love using my ice cream maker... it's so much fun!


So glad to hear you all have ice cream makers, so yes, nw break them out and have some delicious fun!

And Lisa, give it a try again. we've all had big misses in the kitchen but sometimes that's where I also make my best discoveries.


My kids love choc. chip cookie dough ice cream.. I'm not sure why I never thought to make it from scratch. Thanks for the recipe!

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