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This sounds fantastic, I can't wait to try them! Thanks :-)

I'd dig that muffin pan as well!


Wow, this is enough to pry me away from the box mixes.
They look so good I think I just drooled!

I think all of my favorite desserts are bad on the waistline - cheesecake especially.

But I suppose strawberry shortcake with the freshest strawberries would count.

Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

These look wonderful... The pistachios sound wonderful in cupcakes!

My favorite dessert that is easy on the waistline is sorbet! I love fresh lemon, strawberry, cherry, or raspberry sorbet.

Bread and Jam

Pistachio is a cupcake flavor I haven't tried yet. They look delicious with the thick layer of Red Velvet Frosting. Yum!


... speaking of sorbet, I've got a great chocolate mocha sorbet recipe. Uses cocoa powder, so it's even got FIBER in it! Can't beat that for the waistline!

The Purple Foodie

Pistachio cupcakes look adorable. I like the unconventional square shape.

Spirited Miu Flavor

When I clicked your post for pistacchio cupcakes and saw that inviting photo, square shape immediately caught my attention! Now I know what's it about through the end of the post =) Oh speaking of desserts I enjoy cheesecake a lot.


Those cupcakes look delicious! My favorite treat is a peanut butter banana cream frozen pie... it's from Cooking Light, but it doesn't taste like it!


Here's a recipe for a delicious banana bread with no butter or oil in it! http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2008/01/meat-meet.html


Ooh lovely prize! I adore cupcakes and baking. Carrot Cake is a fab dessert that is yummy but can be low in fat with reduced fat cream cheese. I also love angel food cake and sherbet. All can be homemade and quite healthy. Thank you :)


they look so cute! giant ice cubes..I like the unique shape :)

My fav low fat sweet fix is low fat frozen yogurt.. sometimes its better than eating ice cream!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Pistachio cupcakes sound wonderful! The square cupcake pan is very neat. I like to make low-fat milkshakes and smoothies at home for my favorite dessert snack.


My favorite low-cal dessert is angel food cake with fresh strawberries and non-fat whipped cream.

kiss my spatula

those cupcakes look amazing!! i love shape and i love pistachios. wish i could take a bite right now with my morning coffee!


I just like a bowl of sliced fruit. Season is great for it right now.

Paula - bell'alimento

Okay those square cupcakes are brillant! Brava! I think my favorite treat that is somewhat easy on the waistline wink wink would have to be GELATO! Sweet, luscious Italian gelato. Nevermind the flavor so long as it's authentic gelato!


I was thinking while I looked at the photo, where'd she get a square cupcake mold? Now I know! :-)

Fruit salsa (banana, strawberry, apple) and baked cinnamon tortilla chips or Cooking Light's Chocolate Eclair Ice Box Dessert . . .yummmm

Selfish Mom

My favorite lately has been a small Oreo milkshake from Coldstone made w/their Sinless Sweet Cream ice cream. Yum!


Those square muffin tins are calling me.


Love the Square-shaped Muffin Tin! My favorite waistline-friendly dessert is fresh berries with just a little REAL homemade whipped cream! 8-)

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