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Pick me! Pick me! I love to cook (while drinking wine and watching Cash Cab!) I think I found three attachments. More importantly, who doesn't want a "fashionable fit" in their kitchen? ;-)

- LTV Mom


My KitchenAid mixer is 10 years old and I'm considering a replacement, including other brands. Cuisinart could be up there...hmmm. I see five accessories listed.

- Zahavah


Just bought a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker...need the food processor to help make the toppings for the ice cream! :) The mixer has 5 attachments.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Homemade granola sounds excellent! Love the bars!


Yum! Can't wait to try your granola recipe later this week! I see five attachments available for the stand mixer.
Thanks! @c2cmom

Cookin' Canuck

It looks as though there are 5 attachments.

I was just thinking about searching the web for a granola recipe. Perfect timing!

Sweet Kitchen

These look awesome!


Cinco? Me gustaria ganar! Your granola bars look pretty, perfect. Are you sure you didn't take them out of a package and take pictures? :)

Michelle Lavonier

My old mini-prep is very sad these days !

I think there are 5 attachments for a standard mixer.


I can't wait to make the granola bars. My kids are going to love them! The other item on my list is your butter recipe.

And as for the 'oh so great give-away' - I see five attachments. (fingers, toes, knees, eyes are all crossed for good luck).

Selfish Mom

Five! Five! It's five!

Jennifer Nash

I see five attachments!!

Love the recipe.. Going to try it out tonight.


5! I love granola bars and have bought some ingredients to make my own, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Yours look great.

Fuji Mama

Mmmmm, love the look of these recipes. Can't wait to try them!!! I love Cuisinart. Hmmmm, let's see, 5 attachments! I'm dying to get my hands on that pasta maker attachment.


5 attachments.


There are 5.


There are 5 attachments.


5. I love my Cuisinart Hand Immersion blender with whisk attachment and mini food processor!


Not only a great recipe today, but a fantastic giveaway, too! Woo hoo!!!

I see 5 attachments, and really have my fingers crossed that I will win this one! :)


I hope you mean attachments. I see five of them.


Oh, to wor for Cuisinart. Dream job.
But your answer is 5. At least that I can see.
Thanks for the great giveaway!


Five accessories and nineteen total attachments if you include everything on the parts and accessories page. Although only three things on that page are actually listed as attachments besides the pasta maker, meat grinder, citrus juicer, blender and food processor.


I've made my own granola and bars before. It's so easy. I'm definitely trying out your recipe.

Looks like the new mixer has 5 accessories.


Home Granola sound so Delicious perfect for Friday Pinic!

Good Night !
Thanks for sharing your Recipe:)

to http://foodcreate.com Yes looks likes 5

Jessica P

5 Thanks for the giveaway

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