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Jen Schall @ My Kitchen Addiction

I must admit, I am typically not a big fan of pesto. Yours sounds delicious, though, and I have an overabundance of basil in my back yard. I think I will give this a try!


I love how you dressed up this delicious post with your pictures. I just made pesto this past weekend and made mine into a bow tie pesto grilled veggie salad. There are so many things you can do with Pesto and to me this is truly the taste of summer!

Nicole Pelton

Mmm...basil and pesto.

I just love the name of that blog, and the blog itelf. Star ingredient? Is there just one? I'd say strawberries. The whole thing sound yummy, but the oreos chopped up in there look a bit creepy :)


Fabulous. We are huge fans of pesto. I'm so excited to have a recipe now to make it. Thank you.


Thanks for the great post!

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