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Oh my, this sounds fantastic! I will have to give it a try. If only I had a Cuisinart! The one wedding gift I never got. Maybe we should tag team a 5:00 Fridays post some time...you concoct a recipe, I mix the drink, we cross post. What do you think?

Jennifer Perillo

That sounds like a great idea Ilina! Let me know when you're thinking of doing it.

Eric Hoffman

Great recipe. I cook ribs all the time and as far as I am concerned they have to spend some time in foil with a braising liquid, even if they are coming off my smoker after several hours. They look great.

Jennifer Perillo

Let me know what you think once you give the recipe a try too Eric. Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.


Definitely will try these. I love using a rub instead of bbq sauce. I've never used espresso powder in mine..sound interesting.

Kamran Siddiqi

These wings look awesome!


I think these look so delicious! We love ribs and this sauce recipe sounds fantastic!


Congrats on the win of Food52 too! This recipe looks so delicious and I'm happy to report I have everything I need to prepare it except for the pork. So thank you, I am going to make these next week!

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