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What a fun cookie dough to make. There are so many ways to jazz them up!

Joy Manning

Those cookies look fantastic, particularly the chocolate bathed iteration! Yum.


yay to everyone who contributed - so great to see this group effort -- beautiful entries from all!


What a lovely post! And I love the rest of the submissions too! I didn't get my act together for this month but already have something lined up for next month! Great project.

Noel Chapman

What a fantastic easy recipe for cookies! I think I might give them a try for our bake sales.


Oh wow, those look really good!!!

I'm such a dolt and didn't pay close enough attention to the Submission Guidelines!! (I thought we'd be posting December recipes all month long)

I'll be sure to have my January recipe up and ready to go on 01/01/2010!!


Beautiful pictures! Seriously wonderful. I am so glad to be a small part of this project.


beautiful images--really! I am planning on particpating next month. thanks for the inspiration!


Yes, Maria, it was a fun dough to work with and the possibilities are endless.

Mardi, Alex and Jeanne—no worries if you missed the December 1st submission. We'll be posting a new recipe next week and adding more links at that time, so keep on sending them to us at [email protected]!


I love butter cookies. Really is there anything better? These look beautiful.

Thank you for starting this project! As Whitney said, I'm so proud to be a small part of it.

SoupAddict Karen

Wonderful submissions, all! Thank you for sharing!

Mrs. L

Love going through the round-up. Can't wait to participate!

daddy bookins

Those are simply the best cookies every JP! I miss seeing those as a child for the holidays from my mom and grandma.

Peas Out!
~daddy b.


i love what you've done with the cookies here. i have fond memories of getting rainbow sprinkle cookies at bakeries in ny/nj!

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mmm. Now i'm hungry, they look so delicious

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Mardi, Alex and Jeanne—no worries if you missed the December 1st submission. Thank you for starting this project! As Whitney said, I'm so proud to be a small part of it.

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The delicious dishes ..really nice to taste.



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