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Vanderbilt Wife

Mmmmmmmm. I love Brussels sprouts, but I am alone in my house on that one.

I think the "h" in squash got lost somewhere in your ingredient list, by the way. :)

I will totally try this some night when I am by myself!

Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food.

I think the secret ingredinet/the trick in the treat is really the bacon :) not the butter.
I used to hate BS as well but since I started roasting them to carameliztion, there was no way back.

Christina Stanley-Salerno


Kate F

this sounds/looks delicious and seems like it could be easily done as a weeknight dinner. thank you!


I love this. I love the nights when you have enough fresh produce in the house to just combine it into something simple and completely delicious. Hail Brussels sprouts!


I am NOT a fan of brussels sprouts but I like the look of this. My husband (a fan) is, so I might have to make this to see if it changes my opinion..


oh wow this looks fantastic! I just started liking brussel sprouts and I'm moving this to the top of my dinner menu rotation. YUM!

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